A PROPOS DE GALA DROP Born out of the blossoming Portuguese music scene, Gala drop is a project comprised of Lisbon's foremost underground agitator and patron for all creative sound endeavors Nelson Gomes, full time dj, label owner and Loosers member Tiago Miranda and hyperactive drummer and percussionist Afonso Simões.

Touring Europe for the second time (first was with Excepter in 2005), their music has evolved into a blend of tribal/latin-American influenced rhythms, kraut-rock synthesizer jams, assembled all through techniques akin to Jamaican dub.

Gala drop’s first full-length album is due to be out really soon, and it has been wrapped up with the help of electronic sound sorcerer and friend Rafael Toral. Expect something along the lines of Scientist, early Kraftwerk, Arthur Russell, Can...

A PROPOS DE RELIGIOUS KNIVES Religious Knives is a New York City band who combine the thrill of improvisation and potential failure with the hooks of inventive songcraft and indirect melody and rhythm.

Formed from the ashes of Double Leopards, Michael Bernstein and Maya Miller, who also run the Heavy Tapes label, started the band as an outlet for more song-based ideas.

Hooking up with old friend Todd Cavallo and Mouthus drummer Nate Nelson finally allowed them to reach their goal to tell the story of life in the City while not staying true to either song forms or pure abstraction.

Drawing on influences from Krautrock jammers like Neu!, Prog outcasts like Goblin, Neo Classical nutjobs like Terry Riley and washed up wastoids like the Stooges and the Germs, Religious Knives manages to blur the lines to the point where you can't recall if they ever existed. Relax, inhale, and celebrate with them as soon as you can.

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Du bon son

  • Religious knives - Basement watch
  • Religious knives - Decisions Are made
  • Religious knives - Downstairs
  • Religious knives - Major score
  • Religious knives - On a drive
  • Religious knives - The storm
  • Gala drop - Crystals
  • Gala drop - Ital

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