A PROPOS DE DJ SCOTCH EGG DJ Scotch Egg (born Shigeru Ishihara) is a Japanese producer of chiptune / gabber music based in Brighton, England. Shige started out making improvised noise music, performing under the name Shiez 2000, and later contributed to a few little known groups including Megadrive, Noony Banoony, and The Fighting Seizure Robots Busking Crew. After moving to Brighton from Tokyo, he founded Brighton's premier breakcore/noise night Wrong Music with friends Henry Collins (aka Shitmat) and Matt (Roger Species). Collins took Shige under his wing, and convinced him to use his Game Boy to create gabber tracks. Shige claims that his music was not appreciated while studying music at university but pursued his musical direction anyway.

Sometime after the release of his debut album, KFC Core Shige got notice that his student visa had run out, and he was almost sent back to Japan. This led to the creation of the Save The Scotch Egg Site, which had a (now defunct) petition to keep Shige in the UK. After numerous signings from fans and friends (some from fellow breakcore/wrong music artists Shitmat, Mike Paradinas and Chevron) Shigeru was granted permission to stay in the UK. As of 2006, he has released music on the Wrong Music label, Adaadat and is apparently signed to Lightning Bolt's Load Records (he was apparently offered this after Lightning Bolt was impressed by his music[1]). A new album entitled Scotch Hausen was released in Spring 2007.

Shige uses Ableton Live for post-production but produces all of his sounds using GameBoy software such as Nanoloop and LSDJ. Occasionally when playing live, DJ Scotch Egg runs around the stage with his loudspeaker or microphone screaming gibberish, shouting obscenities or something related to Kentucky Fried Chicken. He puts the microphone through a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone guitar distortion pedal, to create the heavily distorted vocal sound. He usually ends the show by throwing scotch eggs at the audience. Some of notable contributions with other artists include Ove-Naxx, Hrvatski, Mike Paradinas, Duracell, Bong-Ra, Germlin, The Pipettes and The Go! Team. Shige's influences include Karlheinz Stockhausen, SKREAM, John Carpenter, Walter Karloss, Steve Reich, Moondog, John Cage and Speedfreaks amongst others. Many of the tracks on his Scotch Hausen album are inspired by one or more of these particular artists.

A PROPOS DE BOGULTA Bogulta trapped to great depression in Japan as representative of generation who performs music that degenerates from 0-years old child who was called "0 generations of Kansai" with Afrirampo and Oshiri-Penpenz in 2005. Band of somewhat two piece witnessed by 'Pukuiti' in sushi parlor in around summer of result of their such having repeated two-legged locomotion forward carelessly and 2007.

The one of the members is NANI Satoshima(Dr) that succeeds in the experiment on whether there is interchangeability of the drum with the drummer, and work to draw the picture than the music activity as usual is busy Shogo Yoshikawa(B) in another. They percuss a strong sound that a wide genre was covered from the cleanup activity to the welfare activity. And, they show a gentle live performance to the earth where it starts appealing for environmental preservation.

If they are angry, they have both the sensitive sensibility that can be apologized, "I'm sorry". Therefore, they are paid to attention as existence of unique in the music scene in Japan. DoraVideo that performs to Sonar 2007 also has enumerated their names as "Band that was only influenced me". And, they plan to release 1st album from de-fragment of the label of Japan that will have released ZUINOSIN, Ove-NaXx, and DJ Scotch Egg, etc. this summer.

A PROPOS D'OVE NAXX Ove Naxx (real name Isao Sano) is a Japanese Breakcore/Raggacore artist from Osaka, Japan. Often less serious than most Breakcore artists, Ove-Naxx is one of the more eclectic Breakcore artists, as he fuses death metal, J-Pop, Dancehall with samples of Latin American music and farmyard animals.

He is currently signed to Adaadat records, which is also home to fellow Japanese electronic musicians DJ Scotch Egg (whom he has both callobrated and remixed with).

Ove-Naxx is currently releasing records on his Accelmuzhik label and various labels. He's built up quite a rep in Europe for his live shows which completely rock the house. Flowing jetblack hair is a common element on this tour!

A PROPOS DE MARUOSA Maruosa is a breakcore/grindcore project from Osaka, Japan. His sound is typically sporadic and frantic hard.

He makes really mental music.. He's been to Europe once before. He is more sort of grindcore heavy mental breakcore... has a collab project with Bong Ra coming out later this year.

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  • Ove naxx - Hip hop jungle
  • Bogulta - Chimpan b
  • Dj Scotch egg - Scotch kids
  • Ove naxx - Pnuks not dead
  • Bogulta - Ironboy is a hardpuncher
  • Bogulta - Scrap bog
  • Bogulta - Stonecheetah in sushishop
  • Maruosa - Ants
  • Maruosa - Death stretch
  • Maruosa - Hell-o everyone!!!
  • Maruosa - Spasm spasm spasm

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