A PROPOS DE HALF SWISS Half Swiss is Christian Gerber born in 1966, artist and Nicolas Gerber born 1969, artist. The two brothers performe obviously together since 1969.

Half Swiss, because their mothertongue is catholic french and their father's eye is protestant swiss, they were born in France but smoked their first cigarette in Switzerland, also because two half swiss make one swiss. They couldn't be Half France because most french artists are already half or quarter or eigth french. Thus, swiss is in their backpack and they carry it for life, so they have plenty of work to do.

They work on youth traumatisms and stimulations, they have their own language and notion of risks that they try to translate to the world because they think it's important. They consider Switzerland as a shaft of mythological wealth.

Their art performance are in the fields of pagan rituals, family acts, action-monument, Homage to living artists and their goal is to spend energy without producing it.

BATAILLES NAVALES (Serie) Dumb sound, silent film & mute language for deaf music, deaf movie & deaf theory the performance consists in playing with the sound product or capture in the moment through 2 parallel sound devices, the amplitudes and dynamics of sound are sometimes very high, we hear them using headphones posed on our head, the public-listener-passer does not hear the sound that we produce, or perhaps some acoustic noises, the laughter or the movements we make, he attends in a certain manner at a bataille navale.

Site Half Suiss ----> http://halfswiss.ca.cx

Site Nicolas Gerber ----> http://spinette.free.fr/nicolasgerber

Site Christian Gerber ----> http://fefo.ca.cx

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