A PROPOS DE GHQ GHQ is a psych-drone New York City duo consisting of Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards, Hototogisu, Zaimph) and Steve Gunn (Magik Markers, Moongang).

Since getting together in 2002, they have brought their acoustic/electric freeflow to various heights and their performances have had the history of taking on different forms on any given night.

A PROPOS DE TOM CARTER Tom Carter is a guitar player best known for his work with acclaimed psych-drone iconoclasts Charalambides, his solo work covers a lot of territory- looped guitar drones of immensely stacked beauty, with heaps of psychedelic melodic content missing from the repertoires of many noise and drone bands.

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Du bon son

  • GHQ - California night
  • GHQ - Crystal healing
  • GHQ - Pale heat
  • Tom carter - Monument 1
  • Tom carter - Monument 2 (Exerpt 1)
  • Tom carter - Monument 2 (Exerpt 2)

Des mirettes

  • carter01
  • data new
  • carter02