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A PROPOS DE ZENER Zener was born in 2002 in Valencia, Spain, like an instrumental and improvisation band that play with the noise, the sound spaces, the psychodelics ways and the delirium. An "experimental noiserock" band without stylistics barriers.

They started to make shows at the end of 2003 with high volume and different set-lists each night that, and they have more of 50 shows until 2007. With a independent mentality, Zener have autoreleased four recordings, two studio recordings, and two collections of improvisations recording live in home. Their new and last studio recording called "Apruébate de Croar" (2008) was recorded live in a one day by Pablo Peiró at Tabalet Studios in Valencia, and mastered in California by John Golden (Sonic Youth, Shellac, Low, Shipping News, Neurosis, Trans AM, Tarentel).

A PROPOS DE LEE ZEIRJICK Experimental noise sound, gritty like Melvins, massive like Techno Animal with the Glenn Branca's fever...

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  • Lee zeirjick - Mix down
  • Zener - Queso Mascarpone
  • Zener - Chulaka
  • Zener - Despenaperros
  • Lee zeirjick - Mix down live

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