A PROPOS D'ANDREY KIRITECHENKO Andrey Kiritchenko is a person known among experimental music fans as a founder and co-runner of Nexsound records, musician who has largely contributed into the development of electronic music scene in Ukraine and already considered as one of the premiere experimental artist from Eastern Europe, author of projects like Critikal, Sidhartha, NEX.

Being involved mostly in experimental electronic and electroacoustic music for the last few years, Andrey is now gaining recognition among the musicians and followers of this style all over the world. His activities range from glitch with blurred beats to electroacoustis experiments, from improv to musique concrete, from drones to microsound. Born in 1976 in Kharkiv / Ukraine and started his musical activity in 1991 as a singer and composer in a rock band. Active in fields of electronic music, since 1996 as a dj in local clubs and a host of radio and tv programs for electronic music. In 1998 he started to make electronic music under "Sidhartha" alias and in 1999 started "Nihil est excellence / NEX" band to explore interplay between analogue and digital music. However the music of NEX is shifting to musique-concrete, electroacoustic and drone genres. In 2000 Andrey starts Nexsound records - a platform for releasing experimental music from Ukraine.

Since 2002 he is working under his own name and exploring microscopic sound design and post-digital production. Since 2004 Andrey is a cross-genre experimental sound artist combined acoustic and digital aesthetics, tiny melodies and noise. So far, under all aliases he released more than 30 albums on labels such as Staalplaat, Ad Noiseam, Zeromoon, SPEKK, DTA, Retina-Scan, Thinner/Autoplate, Notype/Nishi, Soulworm, FGLC, WAN, Tiln, Nexsound and has over 20 compilation appearances on labels such as Electroshock, Cheburec, Databloem, NN rec, Luumu, (re)Aktion and others; collaborations with Francisco Lopez, Kim Cascone, Jason Kahn, Jonas Lindgren, Jeff Surak, Kotra, Mantichora, the Moglass etc., remixed by Frank Bretschneider, Mokira, Mikael Stavostrand, Frans de Waard, Brian Lavelle, Scanner, Marcus Maeder and 833-45, nominated as "the best Ambient artist" by in 2002.

In 2003 together with Jeff Surak and Jonas Lindgren created Critikal project. In 2006 Andrey nominated as “Discovery” nominated by Qwartz Electronic Music Awards. Performed live on Ultrahang festival / Hungary, ELKA festival / Beylorussia, SKIF, Holy Ice, Noise & Fury / Russia, Information Wants to be Free, GARAGE, Being the Future and Club Transmediale / Germany, Ambient, WEF and Unsound festivals / Poland, RX:TX / Slovenia, RIXC / Latvia, DZ / Ukraine and many others. From 2006 Andrey curates Detali Zvuku festival held in Kyiv / Ukraine.

Selected discography :

Andrey Kiritchenko - Mort Aux Vaches / May 2007, CD
Staalplaat Andrey Kiritchenko / Francisco Lopez – Mavje / Nexsound CD 2006
Andrey Kiritchenko - True Delusion / 2005, CD
Andrey Kiritchenko - scatter stars / 2005
Critikal – State / 2005, Nexsound
Andrey Kiritchenko - interplays, in-between / 2004, CD
Andrey Kiritchenko - kniga skazok / 2003, CD
Andrey Kiritchenko - bees & honey / 2003, CD
Kim Cascone/Andrey Kiritchenko/Andreas Berthling/Kotra - fourfold symmetry / 2002 Nexsound
NEX - Viz Milieu / 2002, CD, DTA rec
Retinascan Courtis/Kiritchenko/Moglass / Carbon/Little Mafia/1000+1 Tilt, CD, 2006
The Moglass & Andrey Kiritchenko / 2003

A PROPOS DE MIOSINE Compositeur et sculpteur de son, le travail de Miosine s'étant également vers l'improvisation.

Utilisant l'environnement sonore, il enregistre et manipule des sources acoustiques en direct, et les mêle a des textures numériques et autres glitch. Ainsi à travers une musique délicieusement bruitiste teintée d'électronica, il déssine un voyage accidenté vers un univers surréaliste.

Ici il sera question d'imprévu, de silence, de débordement, de perte de contrôle...

TE 2006 OMNI / 2006 CD-R
Album Disponible sur :
Enregistré live au festival "territoire electronique 2006".

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