Soirée l'amicale bruitiste franco-canadienne //// HORROR MOVIES FOR THE BLINDS

A PROPOS DE GRIEFER Canadian deviants Griefer and Brutophilia crack their way past Europe's defenses this winter using their combined skillset of power electronics, harsh noise and death industrial.

Spawned from the caustic belly of the BC harsh noise scene and honed razor sharp from numerous guerrilla incursions and live events, these two acts will make sure that the Westcoast represents.


Canadian black hats Griefer came into being in 2003 as a natural extension of earlier forays into industrial and related domains dating as far back as the early 90s. Initially using more of a harsh ambient and death industrial approach, griefer has rapidly metamorphosed into a leaner, tightly packed power electronics outfit melding the sonic density of true school industrial with the oppressive thematics of network malfeasance.

Conceptually the project delves deep into the malware ridden realms of phishers and cashers, mines through sensitive data from breaches of public institutions and large corporations, shamelessly revels in the endless stream of remote root exploits and zero days.


Griefer is strongly focused around live performance with over 30 gigs in the last 4 years. The Winter 2008 EU Breach lineup will be comprised of project core moron and long time accomplice Owen. Expect old school power electronics infused with new school aggression: dual vocal attacks, contact mic and metal abuse, the glorious throb of a tortured pedal array.

No laptops, no keyboards, only human engineering is required for this exploit.


"Defense Research Establishment" (3" CDR) 2008 - Silken Tofu (Belgium)
"Brute Force" (CD) 2007 - Deterrent Industries (Canada)
"Russian Business Network" (C22) 2007 - Negation Is Freedom (USA)
"Private Networks" (CDR) 2006 - MNDR Records (Germany)
"Evilbit" (CDR) 2004 - Deserted Factory (Japan)


"Hail The Death Of Summer" (DVD-R) 2006 - PR Martyr
"Tonal Destruction II" (3xCD) 2003 - DTA Records (USA)

A PROPOS DE BRUTOPHILIA Started in 2005 as a response to consistent monotony and disgust, Brutophilia is a display of intense emotion towards weakness and failure.

Originally inspired by harsh noise acts and experimental DIY trash industrial, Brutophilia has since then moved towards Power Electronics, while still maintaining a harsh and pummeling stance towards sounds and performance. For fans of the earlier sentiments of Haus Arafna combined with the ferocity of Deathpile and Slogun.

Uncompromising and tumultuous, Brutophilia is a constant struggle against society and the intensity of the fight within.


"Untenable" (a split with Torturing Nurse) - Shasha Recordings - 2007
" The Best Compilation LP" (featuring The Cherry Point, Halflings, and Ichorous) - RRR - 2007
" Deadfall" (RLE Recordings) - 2008
" Burials, Ruins, Offerings" (a split with Raperies [Like Draperies]) - 2008
"Total Gape Compilation" - Negation is Freedom - 2008

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  • Brutophilia - Passion
  • Aykuno & Olank bik - Unknow song

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