HIROSHIMA ROCKS AROUND album téléchargeable sur http://www.hirocksound.net/ et le myspace... http://www.myspace.com/hiroshimarocksaround MUDBOY http://mudboymusic.com quelques liens mp3 http://mudboymusic.com/Mp3s/mudboyIV-track7.mp3 http://mudboymusic.com/Mp3s/mudboyIVtrack10.mp3 Mudboy is a performance artist who combines homemade instruments with field recordings to create noise/psychedelic compositions that are like Terry Riley's bad dreams. The Blow Up (Italy) called him the missing link between Load Records and Last Visible Dog. He's had major tours with Wizzards (Load), Irene Moon (Begonia Society/Imvated) and Paper Rad/Extreme Animals. He often performs with the like of Urdog, Lucky Dragons, UsaisaMonster and Black Forest/Black Sea. He was recently featured on the Last Visible Dog's Invisible Pyramid Compilation in addition to his solo records available from Last Visible Dog (USA), Retina Scan (Germany), Imvated (Belgium) and Freematterfortheblind (USA). Two new albums due out this October. Mudboy is an ex resident of the Fort Thunder collective and continues to live in Providence Rhode Island. He is also the creative director of Freematterfortheblind.com records- an on demand CD-r Sound art label featuring found sounds, electro-acoustic happenings and experiments in narrative sound art. He has also just finished a feature documentary on the global indymedia movement entitled simply "i" For more sounds and pictures go here: http://www.mudboymusic.com http://www.freematterfortheblind.com http://www.ithefilm.com

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  • Hiroshima Rocks Around - Flipper I
  • Mudboy IV - track 10

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