Cheer-Accident Pumice

Ouverture des portes: 21h30


RIO, Avant-Pop / SKiN GRAFT, Cuneiform / Chicago, USA

Dans la scène musicale vibrante de Chicago, CHEER-ACCIDENT est une force créatrice depuis plus de 20 ans. Le groupe parvient à surprendre son public à chacune de ses apparitions sur scène et se réinvente constamment. Tantôt art-rock, tantôt pop rêveuse alambiquée, CHEER-ACCIDENT a trouvé un équilibre entre le génie de productions discographiques uniques et l’excitation viscérale d’un groupe de rock live explosif.


Avant-Pop, One Man Band / Stabbies Etc / New Zealand

Stefan and Sugar Jon went to Whangamata for new years 1990/1991 telling their parents that they were getting a ride with friend Shelley's uncle but really they hitchiked. Picked up in Thames by a woman in a horse truck who only picked them up cos she thought they were girls. When the truck went round the narrow bendy hilltop roads the horse would kick the side and send the truck veering off into thick oncoming holiday traffic. After a few days in Whangamata it became apparent that Jon and Stefans mothers had talked and worked out the lies. Jon called his mum for a growling and when he got off the phone Stefan said they should form a band called Pumice.

Stefan is still doing it and has done so now for over half of his life. There is an idea of New Zealand pop music that isn't pop music at all: Pin Group, Alastair Galbraith, Peter Jeffries and Antony Milton. Now, enters Stefan Neville, aka Pumice, and the most broken down, lo-fi approach to pop yet!

One man band compositions and variations for small silver guitar, intercoms, endless cassette, chord organ, spring reverb, buzzbox, drums and voice. The struggle between sinking and swimming, swallowing water and going to the toilet either way since 1991.