MOHA! Motherfucking

Ouverture des portes: 21h


High-Density Noise / Rune Grammofon / Norway

Run away pop kids, crazy free improv noiseniks Moha! are back! Thank the lord…

Taking it upon themselves to resurrect the true spirit of out-there extemporising, this is, like their last masterpiece, Raus Aus Stavanger, a wonderfully refreshing blast of high-density electronic squall, explosive drumming and mind-bogglingly cosmic guitar strangling, courtesy of fret wizard, Anders Hana and drummer Morton Olsen. The trick to making this stuff so engaging (that’s right pop kids, I said engaging) is to create some kind of dialogue between the extremities. These bouts of Supercollider-minced sound rarely take a strictly abstract course. If you stick with it, there emerges a fascinating anti-pattern, filled with snatches of straight-ahead jazz and bubbling digits. Most importantly it’s delivered with a clarity of production that shows how much CARE actually goes into creating something that, on the surface, seems so chaotic.

The conversation between the two players also adds a much-needed layer of humour and warmth. There’s a very human heart beating (or flailing) at the heart of these snippets and skirmishes. Come back…it won’t bite (much).

Chris Jones - 2007 (BBC)


  • Morton Olsen: Drums, SuperCollider
  • Anders Hana: Guitar, Synth


2-Step Black Metal / Grrrnd Zero / Lyon